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Mike & Alisha Big Sky Wedding

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Winter Weddings are so magical with feeling of renewed spirit, wondrous natural light, and the beautiful blanket of snow (nature's reflector!) Mike & Alisha's wedding day was invited with one of the most snowy days of the year too! But that did not stop these two from taking their first look photos outside excitedly ready to see each other for the first time that day, all dressed up with love in their heart, and joy in their smile. Big Sky Chapel was the perfect venue for their Winter Wedding!

Alisha met Mike unexpectedly one evening in October of 2015 not knowing she was meeting the man she would spend the rest of her life with. After the evening festivities, they realized there was something there, some connection they could not explain, but they both welcomed the possibility of something more. After that night, their conversations turned into hours of wanting to know more about each other, intrigued that they had so much in common and they were both on a journey of a lifetime of growth, faith, and understanding of life. Mike & Alisha showed true passion in helping others succeed in life and excited to do more for their family, friends, and community. Not knowing they were already going to the same church, and had love for the same things; they kept discovering that the hardships of their pasts had led them to the moment they met, and to this moment on their Wedding day. A moment they will never forget and thank God for bringing their lives together and make them stronger for it.

I feel so blessed to witness their love unfolding over the past year! And I am so excited to see these two flourish, grow, and make their dreams come true because of the hard work they put into each other, their relationship, and others. I am proud of my sister to let her guard down and fully trust Mike to protect her, and love her as the most amazing woman she is! Congratulations Mike & Alisha on your marriage and journey together! Keep up the amazing work and love that you share!

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