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MCCreations Photography




You have what it takes. You are strong enough. You are brave enough. You are capable enough. You are worthy enough. It's time to stop thinking otherwise and start believing in yourself because no one else has the dreams that you have. No one else sees the world exactly like you do. No one else holds the same magic inside. It's time to start believing in the power of your dreams, my lovely friend. Not next year, not next month, not tomorrow, but now

You are ready.     -Walk the Earth


when selecting a photographer are saying yes to their style of work, you are putting your trust in their hands to capture quality images, creating a safe place to connect and feel confident in front of the camera. 

my photography style 

...reflects my love of natural light and the beauty of the natural world around us. I love playing with prisms and how they catch the light, creating unique imagery. There's a story in the light and emotion in every shadow. 

connection is everything

...when we give ourselves permission to be our authentic selves, we make a pathway to meet those around us and most importantly, find the connection with our own selves. 

Melissa Carter

Book your session

Book via email, call, contact or send a message for more information. Reserve your date today. Balance is due at session


Discuss & Plan

Planning ahead, we will talk about your vision for the photo or video shoot that includes location, clothing, and time of day.

Just be yourself

We invite you to enjoy each session by being present to the moment, be open to each prompt and don't be afraid to move, play and feel free to be yourself. 


 your Gallery

Receive your digital images in an online gallery within two weeks with only the best images created from your session. You can instantly download and share. 

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